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Anti-Logics minerals and food supplements are here!!

Inventory is stocked and ready for the up coming season! Swing by and check out the latest new bows for 2018 and also all the new in accessories as well! Camo and Hunting Products - Marchio's Sport Hut - Hanover, PAHunting Supplies - Marchio's Sport Hunt - Hanover, PA

Check out the new racking and displays we've added!

Get ur Lucky Buck and Antler king minerals for the season! Minerals are recommended to be put once about Once per month from now until the antlers are done growing around the middle of August! Food plot seeds and weed killers are also a great help for keeping deer around your area and also giving them the extra nutrients they need!

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Leagues forming now!! Indoor and Video Leagues!!

Indoor & Video Leagues starting on January 8th! Indoor will be a 2-person team and cost is 8$ per person, shoot once per week and will last for 10 weeks.

Video will also start on January 8th and will be a 3-person league, cost is 12$ per week per person, and will last for 10 week, If Video league is paid up front total cost will be 100$ savings of 20$ per person!!!!



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