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Ranges & Bow Rentals

Marchio’s Sport Hut has 12 indoor archery lanes that allow for shooting at distances that range from 5 to 30 yards.  This allows for youth and beginners all the way to the seasoned veterans and professionals.

New Bow Rental– $30/hr includes compound bow rental and arrows, plus a 20 min lesson during you shooting time. We promise it will be a lot more fun for everyone this way!! SAFETY FIRST

Indoors ranges are a controlled environment that will help you hone all of your archery skills.

Along with the indoor archery range, Marchio’s Sport Hut has the top of the line, industry leading Techno Hunt Virtual Hunt System which allows you to shoot at “live” targets from all over North America and the world.

The Techno Hunt System is an excellent tool that provides you real life, in the field encounters that are excellent practice for the upcoming hunting season.

Indoor Archery Range - Marchio's Sport Hut - Hanover, PA

We also provide Techno Virtual Hunt leagues throughout the year.
Leagues include (but not limited to):


A 3-person league beginning early January and running for 12 weeks



A CO-ED leagues which starts around the middle of April



An individual league just before the beginning of archery seasons around mid August


Marchio’s Sport Hut also provides indoor paper leagues throughout the year

A series of outdoor 3-D target ranges offer a more physically realistic shooting environment (for hunting) at targets throughout our 6 Acre range

Outdoor paper range is ready to use!

Outdoor Archery Lanes


Marchio's Sport Hut
1245 High Street
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